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Supported Formats

GeoStyler provides parsers for multiple open cartographic styling formats. Every parser is maintained in a seperate repository and published as a standalone npm package. This modular structure ensures that you only need to import the styles you actually need for your specific workflow and setup.

Styling Formats

Format Parser Repository Package
SLD geostyler-sld-parser
OpenLayers geostyler-openlayers-parser
Mapbox geostyler-mapbox-parser
QGIS/QML geostyler-qgis-parser
Mapfile geostyler-mapfile-parser

Data Formats and more

Format Parser Repository Package
GeoJSON geostyler-geojson-parser
Shapefile geostyler-shapefile-parser
WFS geostyler-wfs-parser
CQL geostyler-cql-parser